Nevada Music Academy Policies and Expectations

In order to contract the best possible instructors and ultimately provide the best service for our clients Nevada Music Academy has enacted the following policies.

  1. ENROLLMENT: Enrollment must be completed prior to scheduling ongoing lessons. The enrollment process includes collecting necessary information, setting a standard time for lessons, acknowledging and agreeing to company policies, and collecting payment.
  2. PAYMENT POLICY: Tuition must be paid in full before any service is issued. A customer account is considered active when future lessons are prepaid. A customer’s account is considered inactive when they have used all credits on their account and the account is not renewed. If a customer’s account is inactive, no future bookings will be reserved until their account is made current. A customer’s normal time slot will be opened up for others to reserve if that customer fails to renew their account. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain up to date balance information on their account.
  3. INACTIVE ACCOUNT STATUS: A customer’s account may be considered inactive if they miss a lesson two times in a row without notification. A customer’s account may also be considered inactive if they miss 3 or more lessons consecutively with notification (excluding emergencies). A customer’s account will also be considered inactive if upon the use of their last credit the account is not renewed. At the point that the account is made inactive any future bookings will be removed and therefore made available for other clients. Once an account has reached inactive status it would be up to the customer to reinstate the account.
  4. REINSTATEMENT COST: To resume booking for an inactive account a $10 reinstatement fee may be charged. This fee can be waived if the customer enrolls with monthly auto-pay lessons. No reinstatement cost will be charged to customers who keep their account active at all times.
  5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Once an appointment is scheduled it is the student’s responsibility to attend the appointment. If the student does not attend the appointment and does not give proper notice, the student’s account will be billed the cost of the missed appointment. Notification must be given 24 hours in advance for any missed appointment. To notify us of a missed appointment call our office at 702-907-7616. If there is no answer please leave a detailed message including your name, the name of the student, the scheduled day and time of the appointment, and the reason why the appointment will be missed. If proper notification is given there is no charge, and, at the availability of the teacher, the student may be able to schedule a make-up lesson. If a student is late for their appointment and therefore misses a portion of the scheduled time they forfeit that portion of time and no refund will be given. Please note that missed appointments, with or without proper notice, will not change the date at which the auto-payment is deducted and will not change the amount that is deducted. If an appointment is missed at no cost it is the responsibility of the student to arrange for an available make-up lesson. All appointments scheduled, except for a trial lesson, are scheduled for a repeating basis. Meaning that your appointment is scheduled for the same time and day of the week until we are notified otherwise. If we are closed because of a holiday, or for any other reason, the student may at the availability of the instructor schedule a make-up lesson.
  6. MAKE-UP LESSON POLICY: If a student follows the cancellation policy, a make-up lesson may be scheduled subject to the availability of the instructor and student. If the student and instructor are unable to find a suitable time to hold a make-up session then no make-up session shall be granted. If a mutually convenient time is available then the make-up session will be held at that time at the normal price of the lesson.
  7. TIMELINESS/PREPAREDNESS: It is the responsibility of the student, or where applicable the parent or guardian, to make sure that they arrive on time for their lesson with proper materials. All lessons are to start at their normal scheduled start time. No make-up lessons will be given for any part of a lesson missed due to lateness. Students should bring all books, hand-outs, files and/or materials to their lesson. Students should also practice any assignment indicated by the instructor prior to the lesson in order to ensure that they will get the most out of the lesson.
  8. BOOKS, SHEET MUSIC AND SUPPLIES: Books, sheet music and supplies are not included in the lesson tuition. It is the parent’s or student’s responsibility to purchase the books, sheet music and other supplies specified by the instructor.
  9. INSTRUCTOR AVAILABILITY/COVERAGES: As much as possible Nevada Music Academy will make every effort to keep students’ lesson times and instructor consistent. On occasion the instructor may be ill or have other obligations or emergencies that arise and may have to miss a scheduled session. In this case we may, without notification, provide a suitable guest teacher. In this case all students’ lessons will be expected to be held as normal. If no guest teacher is available then the lesson may be canceled for the week at no charge and a make-up lesson may be scheduled subject to the availability of the teacher.
  10. NO OUTSIDE ARRANGEMENTS: Students/teachers are prohibited from making any outside arrangements with their teacher (or any other Nevada Music Academy staff member) without prior consent of Nevada Music Academy’s management. Any contracted service must be provided at Nevada Music Academy’s location (except virtual lessons).
  11. INFORMATION PRIVACY POLICY: Nevada Music Academy will not release to any party any private information of its students/teachers including but not limited to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, account history, or payment information.
  12. REFUND POLICY: There are no refunds for payments received for products or services. The only instances where Nevada Music Academy would offer a refund is if we were no longer able to render a service that was paid for in advance, or if Nevada Music Academy dismisses a student due to any reason discussed in #13, or if the student was relocating to an area outside of a commutable radius. If a refund is granted for relocation or any item in number #13 (or for any other reason not listed) that refund will be subject to a processing fee which is equal to 3% of the original purchase price or $15 (whichever amount is greater).
  13. RIGHT TO DISMISS:Nevada Music Academy reserves the right to dismiss any student due to of lack of interest, frequent absences, frequent tardiness, behavioral problems or failure to abide by these policies.
  14. INDEMNIFICATION: Nevada Music Academy LLC will be held harmless against any and all claims and actions arising out of participating in its services, including, without limitation, expenses, judgments, fines, settlements and other amounts actually and reasonably incurred in connection with any liability, suit, action, loss or damage arising or resulting from participation in its services.
  15. NO CUSTODY RENDERED: Nevada Music Academy provides instruction for students and is not engaged in the business of providing custody for students. Parents are to maintain custody of their child at all times while service is rendered. If a parent drops off a student for their lesson instruction will be provided but no Nevada Music Academy staff member shall be assumed to have custody of the child nor shall they be construed as a caregiver.
  16. POLICY CHANGES: Nevada Music Academy reserves the right to make changes to it’s policies at any time and may do so without notice to it’s clients. The need to modify policies arises from the changing demands of the industry. Clients may reference our most up-to-date policies at


I have thoroughly reviewed the above stated policies of Nevada Music Academy and agree to abide by its contents.

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